Best Inverter Generator for Any Device

Best Inverter Generator for Any Device

Since the concept of generators began many years ago, the idea was always the same: to convert one type of energy source into a motor, which will then create usable energy for devices and appliances.

Just about everything that we use today that needs energy, including light bulbs, refrigerators, televisions and hairdryers, have to have a stable power source. Fluctuations in that energy can cause harmful surges to some things while others are more durable and can handle waves in power. For instance, electronics are particularly susceptible to damage when the source they are connected to has surges.

An inverter generator gets its name because it does both of the verbs in its name. It both generates power and inverts it back into itself. Most generators output AC power, but an inverter generator creates that energy, then inverts it back into DC power, before finally outputting a cleaner AC energy that is safer for devices.


There are many inverter generators out there, but one the best inverter generator is the Yamaha EF1000ISC 1000W Lightweight Inverter Generator. This generator has high ratings for just about all of its features, making it the very best of its kind.

To be so small, the Yamaha inverter generator somehow manages to have an output of 1,000 watts, which are the measurement of energy. That means that this converter could power something as large as a clothes dryer.

To top it off, the generator also includes a two-year warranty.


  • Lightweight. This generator only weighs 27.9 pounds, which means it is very portable. This generator can be carried just about anywhere.
  • Approved by the EPA. This generator produces clean energy and also has a long engine life, meaning it won’t be found in a landfill anytime soon. This also assures your money is well-spent, because the device will remain durable for years to come.
  • Very quiet. Many inverter generators are quiet, however this model is rated from 47 dBA to 57 dBAs, which are the measurements of volume. As a comparison, a normal conversation is rated at 60 dBA, while a soft whisper is rated at 30 dBA.
  • Smart Throttle. One of the features of the Yamaha generator is the control it has of its rotations per minute, or RPM. Depending on the load that it is currently bearing, it automatically adjusts its RPM to perfectly run at the speed it needs, thus being more energy efficient.


  • This inverter generator is a bit pricey. Of course, the cost is because of its high quality.
  • Some inverter generators have a lower weight but others


To weigh the options of your purchase you should consider other items as well.

Another choice you could make is the Homegear 950i Digital 950 Watts Portable Gas Inverter Power Generator. This item is great because it boasts an easy pull starting system, as well as a system of lights that indicate low oil, pilot and others.

This item is super light, at 22.5 pounds, so it is lighter than the Yamaha model. However, it is not quit as quiet. This inverter generator operates at about 58 dBA.

Another notable spec is its peak wattage, which is 800. This is about 200 watts lower than its aforementioned counterpart.

However, the Homegear model is at a much lower cost. If the Yamaha model is too expensive for you, you should consider compromising for an inverter generator with fewer features.


Calling any item the best inverter generator gives it pretty big shoes to fill. However, the Yamaha EF1000ISC 1000W Lightweight Inverter Generator does just that.

This item has high specs in just about every category and makes no shortcuts ensuring that it offers  everything it needs. With its smart throttle, quiet operation and long, reliable life, it should not disappoint even the most picky owner.

If you are looking to spend less, then the Homegear 950i Digital 950 Watts Portable Gas Inverter Power Generator is the right choice for you. You may have to accept fewer features, but at a much lower cost, this may be the way to go.

However, if you are hoping to get all of the specs that you want, the best inverter generator is the Yamaha inverter generator.

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