Best Portable Generator for Camping

Best Portable Generator for Camping

Many think of generators as emergency equipment for power loss, but having an energy source outside of the home is an extremely convenient and helpful resource. If you love nature but aren’t ready to completely devote yourself to the survivor lifestyle, camping with a generator is the answer.

For instance, if you want to spend time outdoors but would prefer to cook on an electric grill or make an easy meal in a slow cooker, hope to use your coffee pot every morning or need an extra light or two around your campsite, a generator is the answer.

Generators can also be great tools for making a movie theater with the outdoors as your backdrop and cooling down your tent with the use of a fan.

Although the needs for electricity while spending time outdoors are endless, it can be difficult to choose the best portable generator for camping. The internet, although a powerful resource, does not always make this choice easier because there are so many different options.

That is why it is best to stick with a generator that has the best of all those options. The Yamaha EF2600 Portable Generator is the best choice.


  • AC Voltmeter. All generators have a maximum energy output, which is calculated by watts. This generator provides an easy-to-read meter that tells you how many watts it is outputting at all times. Thus providing a visual gauge for the amount of appliances you can plug into it
  • High maximum output. This generator has a maximum watt output of 2,600 watts. To compare, a microwave uses 1,000 watts and a coffee maker uses 600 watts
  • Large fuel tank. This generator will operate for 11 hours if using half of its complete output on one full tank of gas
  • Unique muffler design. The design of this muffler will reduce noise to avoid disturbing other nearby campers while also providing a quiet atmosphere for your time outdoors. It also contributes to the portable weight of this generator, which is 93 pounds


  • Brushless alternator. The makeup of this piece of equipment is meant to be sturdy and reliable without being overly heavy or bulky
  • Easy starting. With proper maintenance and care, this generator will start on the first or at least first few pulls for years to come
  • Easy-to-read gauges. In addition to the voltmeter, this generator also has a gauge to notify users of its fuel level. This is particularly useful as you do not have to turn off the generator and open the tank to check fuel


  • Although this model is quiet, it is not quite as quiet as some other models
  • The price is more steep than some other brands, however it is good quality
  • Product cannot be shipped to two U.S.A. States


The Yamaha EF2600 Portable Generator is the best portable generator for camping because it has all the features you will need to enjoy at-home comforts outdoors, for long periods of time. Its noise is not intrusive and it will last not only for 11 hours while operating, but for years of camping to come.

Possible Alternatives

For a slightly lower cost, the Ford FG4650P M Series generator can get the job done. This generator actually packs a larger punch, at 4650 watts. It too boasts an 11-hour runtime, however this generator has a larger fuel tank, at 4 gallons, which means it likely uses more gas to run than the Yamaha EF2600.

The noise level, which is measured by dBa’s, is slightly higher than the Yamaha generator. The Ford generator runs at 76 dBa while the Yamaha is at 74.


If you are hoping to spend slightly less money or are looking for a higher wattage, the Ford FG4650P M Series generator should be your choice. However, if you are looking for a quiet and made-to-last generator, the Yamaha EF2600 Portable Generator is the best portable generator for camping.

Remember that this generator is meant to remain a reliable energy source for years down the road. That means it will be a companion on many camping trips to come. So, it is an investment for longer terms and you should choose wisely.

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