Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt – Bring Home To Super Quiet Inverter Generator


If you are looking for a super quiet and efficient portable generator for your homes to meet your emergency electrical needs, then there is no better option than the Honda EU2000I generator.

This is an inverter generator that produces a sound of just 53 to 59 dB, which is less than the sound that you hear during a regular conversation. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to use this super quiet Honda inverter generator in their homes.

Moreover, this generator can run for a total of 8 hours continuously with a full tank of gas. The other attractive thing about this generator is that it is lightweight and portable and also has got attractive looks. The Honda EU2000I Generator is an ideal power source to take with you when you go for camping, picnic spots and to take along in your RVs. It offers clean and reliable power because of the use of inverter technology.


The key features that make this Honda EU2000I 2000 watt generator is a must in every household are given below.

  • This is a super quiet generator that offers ample power to run computers and other small electronic devices
  • It has a running time of 3.4 hours on the rated load and can run  up to 8 hours non-stop at a quarter of the rated load
  • Produces just 53 to 59 dB of noise when it is working
  • It is very compact and small in size and is also lightweight at 46 pounds
  • Works in tandem with other similar generators to offer more power
  • Offers reliable and clean power through  the Honda GX100 engine
  • Uses inverter technology to offer clean power
  • Honda Oil Alert feature that shuts off the generator when the oil level goes low
  • Circuit protection is also provided to prevent any overloading when in operation


  • Super quiet operation  when compared to other gas generators
  • One full tank of fuel can power small appliances for up to 8 hours
  • Lightweight and hence easy to carry around
  • Honda Oil Alert shuts off the generator when oil is low


  • A bit expensive when compared to other models
  • 2000 watts of power might not be sufficient for many


The Honda EU2000I is the best inverter generator you can think of in the portable generator space. It is highly durable, user-friendly and lightweight at just 46 pounds. It is also very compact in size and hence can be taken with you for all your recreational activities, excursions, and camping.

This generator is offered with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty and is designed to offer you a super quiet operation that is no commonly seen in other compact portable generators.

There is no compromise on the functions and the comfort that this unit offers. It can start very smoothly with the pull starter recoil mechanism. It is very easy to maneuver and with a fuel tank of just 1.1 gallons, you will not face any handling issues.

For a machine as compact as this, it offers great power stability and capability. With a power rating load of 2000W, this generator can operate for 4 hours at full load and about 9 hours at ¼ loads.


In order to find out how powerful and efficient it is, let us compare it with other popular portable generators in the market. The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 generator comes with a super quiet muffler that guarantees 51.5dBA at quarter load capacity.

It comes with power rated output of 1650 watts and a smart throttle, engine that will speed up based on the load. It is easy to store and transport because of its compact size, but does not offer power that the Honda EU2000I inverter generator offers. This unit consumes a lot of oil than the Honda inverter generator.

The WEN 56200i offers quieter operation through a powerful 79.7 cc OHV engine that produces 1600 running wattage. It offers three 120V three-prong receptacles and one 12V DC receptacle to power your essential appliances.

This generator offers reliable power, but suffers from looks, compactness, size and running wattage when compared to the Honda EU2000I 2000 watt inverter generator. It also does not use the inverter technology.


There is no doubt that the Honda EU2000I is a very good and efficient inverter generator in terms of compactness, looks, portability and features. It beats its close rival easily. This generator is very easy to maintain when compared to other similar generators and oil changing is an easy job here.

The company offers three year limited warranty on its product and this ensures that the generator is one for the long run. The Eco throttle fuel saving technology offered in this Honda 2000 watt generator adjusts the speed of its powerful engine depending on the load.

The use of high quality microprocessor controls ensures that the generator generates clean, reliable and stable power every time. With other features like oil alert warning system, CARB and EPA compliance, parallel operation capability, additional 12 V DC outlet to charge batteries and noise dampening system, the Honda EU2000Iis a very useful generator to own.

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