PowerPro 56405 Gas-Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit

PowerPro 56405 Gas-Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit

Are you worried about the regular power outages that you are suffering from? Do you want a one-stop solution that will provide you with the option of powering up about 4 different appliances at one go while you are camping or on a family picnic in the woods? The PowerPro 56405 from WEN is the right generator to meet all your power requirements.

It has a very powerful engine that offers about 4050 surge watts to power up anything from fans to computers to air conditioners and heaters. You will never need to worry about power outages anymore with this wonderful power-packed portable generator.

The best part is that the PowerPro 56405 Gas-Powered Portable Generator is offered with a wheel kit for easy transportation. This is why this generator has become the favorite in many job sites, campgrounds and also for home use.


The PowerPro 56405 gas-powered portable generator offers plenty of amazing features that make it one of the most popular choices of generators among many people.

  • It features a very powerful 212cc, 7HP air-cooled OHV EPA approved engine with the capacity to turn the alternator at 3600 RPM
  • The motor used in this generator can generate starting power of 4050 watts and 3250 watts of running power
  • Comes with 4 120 20A wall outlets to connect to four different appliances at one time
  • Hour meter is provided to keep a maintenance schedule
  • A 120v 30A twist lock power outlet is also offered to power up other devices
  • Can be easily moved from  one place to another using 8-inch wheels
  • Rubber feet on the generator to keep it level and elevated
  • Spacious tank  to hold 4 gallons of gas
  • Runs for 11 hours continuously at half load
  • Automatic shutdown of the motor when the oil level goes low to protect the unit from damage


  • Has four 120V 20A wall sockets and 120V 30 A twist lock power outlet
  • 3250 running watts to power all heavy appliances
  • Powerful 212cc EPA-approved engine
  • Can power devices at half load for up to 11 hours


  • Pull/recoil starter is a bit flimsy
  • A bit loud when working


If you are looking to power up devices like your phones, mini refrigerator, heaters or fans while on camping or a vacation, then the PowerPro 56405 generator will be of great help to you.

It has a very powerful 212cc engine that generates about 3250 watts of running power. This is more than enough to power many powerful household appliances. It is a very good generator to have in your home, especially if you suffer from frequent power outages and also during power emergencies.

It is an ideal unit to own if you are looking to enjoy stable voltage output for your home appliances. It has a huge fuel tank with the capacity to hold 4 gallons of gas. This means that you can run this unit continuously for 11 hours at half load and hence it is a very good choice to use while camping.


To know how useful the PowerPro 56405 generator is, it has to be compared with two other products that come in the same category. The first unit taken for comparison is the XtremepowerUS portable gas generator.

This unit offers 2 x 120V 20A, one 12V 8.3A DC and one 110V/220V 30A three-prong power outlets to power various appliances. But, it falls short of our main product in the power outlets. It also does not have a wheel kit and therefore not easy to transport.

The second product in this comparison is the Powermate PMC 103007 generator. This unit offers only 300 watts of running wattage as against the 3250 watts offered by PowerPro 56405 gas powered portable generator, even though it houses a 212 cc engine. With other features remaining more or less the same, this unit also lacks in the number of power outlets on offer for its users.


From the above comparison, it is evident that the PowerPro 56405 is a very powerful and useful generator to use in homes where there are big household appliances. The 4-stroke, single cylinder engine can generate a running wattage of 3250 watts to run many appliances.

A fully accomplished control panel with 4 120V 20A 3-prong receptacles and one 120V twist lock receptacle offer different PowerPoint options for different appliances.

Some of the other features of the PowerPro 56405 Gas-Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit include 2-year limited warranty, 3.1 gallon fuel tank, 10 hours of non-stop power to appliances when it is running at half load, wheel kit for easy and effortless transportation, instruction manual, spark plug wrench and spare plug and also an attractive price.

The PowerPro 56405 generator is an apt choice for everyone who loves frequent camping and weekend picnics. It is one that can be taken along with you to places where you know that you will be running short of power.

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