Quiet Portable Generator: The quietest bang for your buck

Quiet Portable Generator

Imagine yourself lying in a hammock. A gentle breeze swings you back and forth in 75 degree weather. Birds are singing and crickets have just begun to chirp. A canopy of trees are above you and you are just about to drift into the most relaxing sleep you have had in months.

That is, until the campers next door start up their horrendously loud generator. The birds have flown away and your meditative state has been replaced with severe annoyance.

Do you want to be one of those annoying campers?

This is just one instance where a quiet portable generator is important.

Think about yelling for days over a generator’s noise during a power outage. Or imagine how much sound you would create if you were using your generator to power a leaf blower during yard work.

That is why you should consider the noise level of any portable generator before purchasing it.

One product that stands out among the others is the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator. It is among the quietest, at 53 dBs, or decibels, which is the measurement of sound.


  • Very quiet. The Honda EU2000I portable generator runs at 53 dBs, which is super quiet compared to other generators. According to its description, 53 dBs is the equivalent or even quieter than a typical conversation
  • Long runtime. This generator runs for up to 8.1 hours at ¼ capacity and 3.4 hours at full capacity
  • Stable energy. With stable energy output, this generator is capable of and safe enough to charge laptops and other electronics without causing mechanical issues. Some generators have surges of power, which makes them inappropriate for charging electronics because they can cause damage


  • Lightweight. This generator only weighs 46 pounds, which means it is easily moveable
  • Can be used in tandem with other generators, which means it can operate with another generator to double its power
  • Has the ability to turn itself off if oil levels are too-greatly diminished or it is overloaded


  • Not as reliable as other models. Some complain of issues starting the generator while others say that it quits running for unexplained reasons
  • Price is a bit higher than other generators


The Honda EU2000I is a great purchase even though it is a slightly higher price because it is known for its high quality. This generator also has more features than other similar models.

When compared with other models, this generator has a lower measured dB level.


Although the Honda EU2000I is a quiet portable generator, there are other options. For instance, the Generac 6866 iQ2000, 1,600 Running Watts/2,000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Quiet Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant is a great investment at a slightly cheaper price.

This generator weighs the same as the Honda version, and both have the same energy output of 2,000 maximum watts with 1,600 running watts. However, this version claims to be better than the Honda.

One thing that sets the two apart is that the Generac claims to have lower sound output than the Honda generator. However, it does not openly list the amount of dBs. This makes it difficult to consider exactly how much it is worth.

The Generac generator also has a slightly lower review score. Regardless, it could be argued that this is the better deal because of its price.


Without a doubt, you do not want to interrupt your own trip to the countryside that is meant to be peaceful and quiet with a loud generator. You also don’t want to interrupt that experience for those around you.

One good thing is the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator is a quiet portable generator that will not disturb you during a camping trip. It would also be a good companion during a power outage because you could stand the noise it makes for longer periods of time.

There are other options for generators that claim to be quiet, however none list a dB level as low as the Honda EU2000I. That is why this would be a great option for you to consider when you are searching for a quiet portable generator.

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