Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator


When you are in an outdoor area where you require high watts of power or when you are in need of power backups for your home during power outages, you can opt for the well-created product from Smarter Tools. The Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB, dual fuel powered portable generator, is a versatile product which can provide regular power supply when you need it the most.

This product has been receiving high ratings from different online sites from 100s of satisfied customers. The ability to use the dual fuel makes it a wise choice when you are using them in outdoor areas.  The Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator is easy to switch between the fuels, according to the availability.

The tires and the handle make it easy to move to different locations. The reasonably priced package makes this an attractive product to operate most of the appliances in your home or outdoor areas.


Here are some of the important features of Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB which makes it a remarkable product for your power needs.

  • Ability to run on unleaded gasoline or propane (LPG)
  • Starting watts of 7500 and running watts of 6500k with gasoline and starting watts of 6750 and running watts of 5580 on propane
  • EPA and CARB approved
  • 389cc 4-Stroke air cooled OHV motor for excellent power production
  • Run time of 9 hours with 50 percent load and 6.6 gallons of gasoline
  • Digital hour, volt and Hz meter to keep track of the runtime, and for correct voltage supply to appliances
  • Convenient multiple connectivity options
  • Automatic overload protection ensures the safety of your generator and the appliances connected to it
  • Fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Automatic low oil shutdown
  • Comes with 10 inch flat tires and handle kit


  • Easy switching of fuel use
  • Availability of high watt continuous power
  • Easy to move around
  • Good choice of outlets for handling any situation
  • Electric as well as recoil start system for convenience
  • Good runtime reduces the time for refueling
  • Good protection for generator through overload protection and low oil shutdown


  • Some find it a bit heavy  to transport
  • Produces 73dB of noise when  running


The Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB is a quality generator with reasonably good features and offers great ease of use. It also offers great value for your money with its performance.  It offers good surge capacity and good fuel tank capacity which allows this generator to run for at least 9 hours at 50 % of its load capacity.

The easy availability of the fuel used in this generator makes it a dependable power source for work sites, RVs or as backup power for emergencies in your home. You will be able to run your fridge, television, ceiling fan, the lights, etc., without any problem when you have this generator which produces a good amount of power for an extended time.

The product comes with a two year limited warranty and you can contact the customer service for any repairing or replacement needs. The wheel kit is included in the price and hence you need not have to spend extra money to make it portable.


When compared with DuroMax XP10000EH, dual fuel powered portable generator, which comes at a higher price range or with Westinghouse WH7500E gas powered portable generator with a lower price range, the Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB portable generator offers decent prices with decent features.

Westinghouse WH7500E offers more starting and running watts, but it lacks the essential CARB compliance and is only gas powered.  DuroMax XP10000EH, on the other hand, is dual fuel powered to produce 10,000 watts peak power, but when the temperature is below 40 degrees it cannot be started with propane as the propane contracts at low temperature and the cylinder pressure is not enough to push the gas into the carburetor of the engine.

You need to start it using gasoline and run it for a few minutes before switching to propane. Hence, it is far convenient to use the Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB as it offers reliable performance and complete value for the money.


The Smarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB is a hardworking generator which can handle most of your power requirement situations. The convenient connectivity options and powerful engine make it a good option for running power tools at work sites and a number of appliances in your home.

The muffler present in the product reduces the noise to a bearable level. The ability to run the generator for 7-8 hours on 20 lb propane cylinder offers high convenience and comfort during power outages. It is easy to keep track of scheduled maintenance with the digital meters provided in the product.

The safety features, the excellent performance, and affordability make theSmarter Tools ST – GP7500SDEB Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator one that you cannot avoid if you are looking for a good option for power during various situations. EPA and CARB approval makes it an environment-friendly option for emergency power generation needs.

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